70 years of experience from 4 generations to the service of hospitalityà


The Rouge International Hotel, known as one of the most important and prestigious hotels in Milano Marittima, was born in 1961 with the contribution of Mino Benzi. An enterprising boy with the desire to emerge, who at the age of 18 left Italy and emigrated to Germany to study and enrich his experience. Back in Italy he collaborates with his family carrying on the hotel vocation and tradition. Those were the years when in Romagna people started talking about welcome and hospitality, where some people hosted tourists in their homes, and it is precisely in this period that thanks to his great spirit of initiative, he took over the Management of the International Hotel, today five-stars Palace Hotel and Hotel Torre Maura, starts Hotel Acapulco, later entrusted to her sister Deanna who manages it together with her husband Giovanni Giulianini.

Time goes by and to his experience he adds the restaurants with great passion and dedication he starts to lead the Restaurant Al Panfilo, then it was the turn of the Restaurant "Le Jardin" in Milano Marittima, which is now the Restaurant "Al Caminetto" . In 1978 he took over the management of the Hotel Derby, and later in the 1980s he bought the Guidazzi Tennis Club(swimming pool + 4 tennis courts).
The personal and professional success of Mino Benzi was supported by his family. His father Italo and his mother Gioconda Zani (Bettina), his wife Paola Maraldi and their three children: Consuelo, Mattia and Emanuele.

Rouge International Hotel

The hotel history of Milano Marittima includes names that have truly given to its development a decisive contribution, both in terms of personal sacrifice and in terms of professionalism, acquired with years of work and dedication. Mino Benzi & nbsp ; starts & nbsp; to work at eighteen in Germany, where you also earn the chance; to attend a hotel school. Back in Italy, he collaborated first with his father Italo in the management of Hotel Deanna, as well; named in honor of the sister, and then continues a hotel tradition dating back to the grandparents, who directed in Ravenna the Hotel Centrale Byron and the Restaurant "Alla Torre". & nbsp; In 1958 he became owner and manager of the Central Bar where in 1961 he celebrated his marriage with Paola Maraldi. Today the Central Bar & egrave; the well-known & nbsp; Harley Bar & nbsp; of Milano Marittima. With a great spirit of initiative, Mino Benzi soon expands its business, inaugurating in 1961 the Hotel Rouge. In 1965 he took over the management of the Hotel Internazionale, today the five-star Palace Hotel and the Hotel Torre Maura, also in Milano Marittima.

In 1965 he also started the Hotel Acapulco, later entrusted to his sister Deanna who he directs it with his husband Giovanni Giulianini. Adds this also to the activity. catering with the direction of the restaurant "Al Panfilo", undertaken in 1966. One & rsquo; activity & agrave; explosive, entrepreneurial, always' teaches the highest professionalism & agrave; and in the 90s it took over ownership; and the direction of the well-known Restaurant "Le Jardin & rdquo; of Milano Marittima, today became the current "Al Caminetto" restaurant. In 1978 he took over the management of the Hotel Derby of Milano Marittima until 1986. Hotel work, conducted with professionalism; and the dedication that Mino Benzi knows how to put in this activity requires a constant commitment, often at war with time; quick decisions and a wealth of professional and human skills to manage the thousands of big and small things that make up this diversified activity, where the human component is; a predominant element: customers, staff, suppliers and colleagues.

Bagno Rouge International

The work of Emanuele and Consuelo is the creation of the famous Bagno Rouge International, & nbsp; which have been running together since 1998. All 'Rouge Hotel' activities & Egrave; assured by highly qualified personnel and many collaborators. People who in this activity & agrave; they represent an irreplaceable strength. It is they who with their careful work, their professionalism & agrave; and their dedication to the historic FAMIGLIA BENZI make the image and the success of one of the hotels that have marked the history of Milano Marittima.

People write with their passionate work, the story of this deserved success.